Women: Women Seen And Not Heard… Still???

11 Sep

My topic of choice is going to be the portrayal of women in the media. Since the dawn of time women have always been seen as second class citizens to men. They are seen merely as objects by men and are often portrayed as such in the media today, which guess what… happens to be run by mostly men.

I am not sure how many of you are into politics or are following the presidential elections, but I think it is something that is very important for young people specifically to pay attention to. These issues are directly affecting us, more so than the older generations.

About a week ago, Michelle Obama presented a wonderful speech about her and her husband’s lives, before and after President Obama was elected into office. In her speech she brings up the fact that Barack’s grandmother had reached a glass ceiling at work. This term refers to “the seen, yet unbreachable barrier that keeps minorities and women from rising to the upper rungs of the corporate ladder, regardless of their qualifications or achievements.” (Wikipedia) We as young people tend to think that those same issues are not prevalent now, but this notion of a glass ceiling is very active even now today. Women are still getting paid less money than men, for the same jobs, and the fact that women’s reproductive freedom is even up for debate in 2012 is enough said!

Michelle also touches on the founding statement of the Women’s Liberation Movement, “The personal is political,” which refers to the fact that there is a connection between your personal life and politics. So for all of you young people who say you don’t want to vote for whatever reason, just remember that in any thing you do, that 1 vote has an effect on it.

But moving onto the main reason why this topic of Michelle Obama’s speech was even brought up was to show you how much our generation, in 2012, is still stuck in the 50’s, where women were supposed to be seen and not heard. After listening to and dissecting Michelle Obama’s speech, it is very clear that she is a very educated woman and is interested in the empowerment of not only women but of people in general. So why is the topic of whether or not Michelle Obama or Ann Romney wore a better dress a topic of debate? Does anyone else not see a problem with this? People completely overlooked the fact that she delivered an amazing speech and focused right on what she was wearing. Like all women care about is fashion! Why is this topic even up for discussion? Come on people, wake up and educate yourselves! There is a lot more to a woman than what she is wearing. An intelligent woman can be both smart and have a great sense of fashion too.


I want to close by quoting something Michelle said that her husband tells her.

“He reminds me that we are playing a long game here…and that change is hard, and change is slow, and it never happens all at once. But eventually we get there, we always do.” (Michelle Obama, 9/4/12)

This statement seems so promising to the country regarding our political and economic struggles, but what about women’s rights and issues? Sadly, it is clear that no matter how much the world is changing, the way society looks at and views women will always remain the same… either that, or change very slowly, at a turtles pace, over time.


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