Women: Pro Woman Line

2 Oct

In an article I ran across called, “Feminists Want to Know Is the Media Dead” by Baumgardner and Richards, the topic of the pro woman line is discussed. The basis for this idea is basically to apply a pro woman’s argument for the basis of someone’s actions. The authors gave the example using the Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton scandal to approach this using the pro woman line. Instead of looking at Monica as a whore for sleeping with her boss to get ahead, the authors address the real underlying meaning here. Why are women still able to use their sexuality to advance in the work place? Also if they were genuinely attracted to one another, shouldn’t they both be scrutinized for their mistakes? Situations like this happen all the time and due to the fact that the media is ran by men, women are often portrayed in ways that often make them look like less than what they are. This chapter starts off with a quote that hit the nail right on the head with regards to the media and how they portray stories.

“The media is much better at transmitting failure than success.”

By Farai Chideya

The article also brings up a point that I think is very important, which deals with women and welfare. I really think that it is unfair for some women, not all, to be on welfare all of their lives while tax payers like me work to fund programs like that where these women are required to do nothing with their time. But on the flip side, applying the pro woman line’s approach, I think that it is very important for us to continue to have these programs because there are many women out there who had children at a young age so don’t have the time to work to pay bills, as well as go to school to further their education and care for a child all at the same time. So welfare may be the only means for them to pay bills while trying to attend school. I found this e-card on welfare a little while ago and it really reminded me of the negative stigma ALL women on welfare have been associated with (don’t get me wrong there are some if not many who fall into this category).

These continued negative associations attached to women make it so hard for women to move forward in society and be successful. So the next time you want to call a women a b**** for cursing you out, take a look at your actions and see what you did to cause her to react in that way. This constant negative attitude towards women is harming and hindering the continued success for women in the future. Women have got to learn how to force positive portrayals of them in this male centered media. But in order to be successful at this, women must come together and realize that things like feminism and feminist ideologies bring us all together, no matter what racial, ethnic, class, orientation, or even gender. Feminism is NOT dead!


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