Women: Promoting Media Literacy

9 Oct

This week I was surfing the net for old 1950’s propaganda advertisements for one of my classes. While looking through some of these ads I noticed how sexist and misogynistic some of them were towards women. So that got me thinking about how that really hasn’t changed today. I then decided to just look at some really basic advertisements that companies are putting out today, just to kind of get an idea of how far women have came since the Suffrage Movement, and the Women’s Liberation movement. Through my findings I saw some really interesting ads that I would like to share with you.

All of these ads objectify women portraying them as sex symbols, instead of using the product to advertise itself. Part of this reason is because many, if not all of these advertising companies are ran by men; so most of their ads are going to focus on attracting the male population. And if the ad’s are geared towards women they usually deal with shopping or something related to the home. Some of these ads really disgust me and make me not even want to use the actual product. They have always capitalized on the idea that sex sells and over the years but now companies have really just gotten more in your face with it, which is kind of disturbing. Unless enough people take a stand against these ads, more vulgar and more profane ads will be released in the years to come. That is why I want to promote becoming media literate, so you can know exactly what it is that you are consuming every time you look at an advertisement.

After really looking at these ads, it really got me thinking how important media literacy is. If you don’t have the knowledge to stop something, how can you expect change? And if you don’t have the knowledge or resources, then you won’t even know where to start. Most of the over sexualized, prejudicial or sexist meanings of these ads are really subtle to the naked eye but when you really look at them, a completely different understanding is then realized. But lately in the past few years, advertising companies have gotten really bold. Like the ads I’ve shown, no discretion used at all. Being able to recognize these problems can really aid in a change for future advertisements. After really sitting down and thinking about the media content I found, I was really disgusted at how women were portrayed and now I am really going to start monitoring the different ads that I am consuming on a day to day basis. I know that really doesn’t change much but that’s a start. Maybe if enough people do the same thing ads like these will be pulled from television/internet.


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