Women: No More Gender Discrimination!

16 Oct

While I was reading through an old LA Times I had lying around the house, I ran across a really interesting article related to women and gender discrimination in the work place. Being a women’s studies major, articles like these in particular stand out to me. The article titled “How ‘good girls’ fight back” basically discusses the trend of women being discriminated against by men at work. In 1970 a group of women sued Newsweek Magazine for gender discrimination and won. Now in 2012, women at Newsweek Magazine are still facing the exact same forms of discrimination that these women were facing 40 years ago and have had enough! One of the women who took part in the 1970’s law suit said that in her job interview she was told,

“Women don’t write at Newsweek. If you want to be a writer, go someplace else.”

The nerve of the interviewers! Why would anyone in their right mind apply for a job with a magazine if they had no intentions on one day writing for it? Unfortunately, even after years of progression, despite women beginning to take the lead in many high powered positions, they still are being discriminated against. This pattern will never end until all women decide that they can’t take the discrimination anymore, and get together and fight against unfair system!

A current female employee describes her experience working for Newsweek as saying,

“The discrimination we faced was blatant, illegal and easy to identify. The question I’m asked now is how to you combat the kind of sexism that exists in today’s workplace?”

This really makes me wonder how many people are observing people being discriminated against and are not speaking up and saying anything about it. If you no one is doing anything about it, how can we expect a change?

In the article Lynn Povich provides a few ways that she thinks we can combat this system of inequality. If placed in any inappropriate or unprofessional situations at work you can help take a stand against gender discrimination at your job by doing the following.

  1. Document it.
  2. Find a trustworthy management personnel or lawyer to confide in.
  3. Be vocal about what you want and push yourself to make it to the top of the corporate ladder.
  4. Success is associated with likeability, which is usually not in favor of women. But so what! Remain ambitious.
  5. Women must unite in order to create structural changes within these organizations. Make it socially acceptable to be a CEO and have a family too.

Change is possible and has been slowly increasing over the years with the increase of more women headed companies. What we need are more female headed media companies to bring these taboo topics like equal pay for men and women, or gender discrimination in the work place to light so they can be publicly acknowledged. And then according to Povich, if more women are in these power positions, then that negative association that all women in charge are b-words will dissipate, breaking the glass ceiling that has been holding us back for so long.


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