Women: It’s Election Day Remember To VOTE!!!

6 Nov

In the spirit of Election Day I thought I’d look into some of the statistics on women’s representation in the elections. In doing this I found some really shocking results. Throughout the elections, women’s rights and freedoms have continuously been brought up. The issue of “legitimate rape” was brought up throughout this campaign but not be female candidates. This year we had 2 women running for election, Jill Stein and Roseanne Barr, but neither of these women were even asked what they thought about this issue. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan throughout this election have stood firm with being in opposition to abortion period, even in cases of rape and incest. Unfortunately no one thought to ask a woman what she thought about the issue, 2 women were present the entire time (Stein and Barr) that I am sure would have loved to have the opportunity to discuss it. According to statistics only 12% of all the people questioned on the issue of abortion throughout this campaign were women, 81% were men… Does anyone else see a problem with this?

Issues like women’s rights and abortion are constantly being brought up but not by the people they are directly affecting. Knowing this really shows us how consumed we are as a society into this system of patriarchy. Feminist issues are often brought up in times of elections but are almost always falsely represented. Like with the Women’s Strike for Equality in the 1970s the media was then and is guilty now of misrepresenting women’s issues. It seemed like every time women and feminism made a step or two forward, they would take a huge leap backwards.

During the Women’s Strike for Equality the media misrepresented the event and showed inaccurate depictions of what was actually happening. Quotes were taken from either non protesting women or from people who were against the strike all together. These media portrayals focused on creating and reinforcing stereotypes about feminists which ultimately distracted people from the goal of the actual event. Also the fact that Betty Friedan was late to the event because she had to get here hair done was another way the media negatively framed the event. But what many people failed to understand was that if she didn’t get her hair done the media would say all feminists don’t care about their looks. So since she decided it was important to get her hair done people complained since she was late. Basically she was screwed either way. Although we are in 2012 the same cycle is still being repeated. When Hillary Clinton ran for president in 2008 she was often called a “ball buster” or a “nutcracker” just because she was very firm with the issues she believed in and wanted to focus on. This time around we have 2 women running for president and since neither one of them are what society today would call attractive or beautiful they never got any media attention. This system of patriarchy is really tearing down our women in society and vastly affects how women are seen. Barack Obama speaks about change in his campaign, how about we work on change for our women in society and focus on the empowerment not degradation of them in the media.


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